About Nepal

Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of bio-diversity due to its unique geographical position and altitude variation. The elevation of the country ranges from 60 meters above sea level to the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest at 8,848 meters, all within a distance of 150 kilometers resulting in climatic conditions from Sub-tropical to Arctic.

Nepal is full of surprises. It is a land of ancient history, medieval architecture, vibrant cultures, hospitable people, diverse bio-diversity and pristine landscapes. Located between China and India, Nepal boasts a fantastic array of attractions for tourists. It is a land of geographical extremes. Lord Buddha was born 2,500 years ago in this land of Mount Everest. Recorded history of Nepal begins with the Lichhavis who came to power in 400 AD. With them the nation began to prosper in art, culture, painting, architecture and sculptures. The Mallas who succeeded them gave a new turn to this prosperity by transforming the small Kingdoms of Kathmandu, Patan andBhaktapur into “Open Air Museum of Art and Architecture”. Endowed with bountiful of natural beauties, high mountains, flora and fauna and myriad bio-diversity, Nepal is probably among one of those places on earth where seven heritage sites are located within the radius of twenty kilometer.

Whether it’s adventure, wildlife or cultural, tourism coexists everywhere from unknown village in the fringe of Nepal-Tibet border to a small village in the national park bordering India where Royal Bengal tigers and wild elephants travel freely between two countries. The elevation of Nepal ranges from 60 metre above sea level to the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest at 8,848 metre, all within a distance of 500 km with climatic conditions ranging from subtropical to arctic. In fact, 8 out of world’s 14 tallest mountains above 8,000 meter lie in Nepal including the world’s tallest point the summit of Mt. Everest ( 8848 m). In over dozen of National Parks and Conservation Areas you can find everything from snow leopard to Great One-horned rhinoceros.